Segal Family Foundation seeks to establish long-term partnerships with visionary organizations across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our team uses our visionary criteria to identify new partners, and we use our Active Partnership model to support them while they are in our portfolio. Our goal is to see our grantee partners become stronger, healthier organizations, increase their social impact, and be in a position to sustain their efforts long after SFF support ceases.

Six African women stand outside a childcare center in Zimbabwe
Two seated Black women smile beyond the camera

How We Find Partners

Segal Family Foundation employs a community-driven, participatory grantmaking approach that engages local references and experts in sourcing and screening partners. We are highly networked in the communities related to civil society and social entrepreneurs. Our sources include: 

  • Current partners or luminary partners with a high degree of trust 
  • Local NGO consortiums and community platforms  
  • Reputable fellowship/peer networks
  • Well-established civil society and NGO contacts  
  • Peer funders and their incubator programs  
  • Embassy contacts/ambassadors administering small-scale grantmaking initiatives

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