An illustrated portrait of Paul Moturi

Paul Moturi

Born in rural Kenya to peasant parents, Paul’s education was frequently interrupted for lack of school fees. Being from a family of nine children further exacerbated the situation. With the support of a godsend destiny-shaper, he was able to finish high school and was fortunate to join university on government funding.

It is while he was at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree that Paul vowed to be a lifelong student and pursue education to the highest possible level. He holds a BSc (Hons), MBA, MSc, and a PhD; he also has several diplomas and professional qualifications. He is a Certified Arbitrator (ACIArb), Banker (ABIOB), Project Manager (UW), and Technology Educator (University of Cambridge). He has also conducted research and worked in academia at institutions across Africa, and is the recipient of several awards.

Paul is a multilingual who has run projects and programmes across Africa and Asia with measurable success. He is a mentor for several youth fellowships and he has been privileged to travel the world on work assignments. Paul has spent time impacting communities with a focus on youth and girls’ empowerment, including continent-widel drives like the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI), Literacy for Women in Africa (LWA), Ongea Usikike, and My Choices Botswana. Paul is the current Executive Director at PACEmaker International, overseeing operations across Africa. Prior to joining PACE, Paul served as the Head of Operations at the Bible Society of Kenya where he led 16 programmes across the country.

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