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The Economist: No-strings philanthropy is giving charities more decision-making power


Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors: Reimagining Philanthropy: A Roadmap to a More Just World Catalyst 2030 Awards 2023 Celebrate Systems Change Allies

USAID: Fifteen Foundations Endorse Donor Statement on Supporting Locally Led Development

Alliance: Peer dialogue: Funding the future of Africa

Devex: The philanthropic funders giving ‘well-being support’ to grantees

Devex: 5 innovative approaches to funding in philanthropy

KT Press: First Lady applauds Segal Family Foundation work in empowering people, communities

Devex: Trust-based giving won’t relieve all nonprofit challenges, per report

Devex: How the Segal Family Foundation became a top funder in Africa

Aid, Evolved podcast: Andy Bryant of Segal Family Foundation


News Ghana: African philanthropists call for shifting practices in their operations

The Council on Foundations: The State of Global Giving by U.S. Foundations (page 72)

Devex: Adeso aims to spin $5M Scott grant into endowment, web platform

Center for Effective Philanthropy: In Their Own Words: Funders Share Stories of Change


Marie Claire UK: The 2021 Future Summit: here’s how you can join key changemakers for a day of inspiring talks on Africa’s dynamic future

TRUE Africa: These New Perspectives on Africa Will Open Your Mind

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Principles for Effective and Empowering International Philanthropy

Bridgespan: Disparities in Funding for African NGOs

Alliance: African Visionary Fund: playing the game to change the game

Devex: How funders can drive more money to African entrepreneurs

Alliance: Pooled funder African Visionary Fund commits $1m in core support to African-led organisations

The Guardian: Aid spending in Africa must be African-led – it needs a Black Lives Matter reckoning


Ventures Africa: Future Summit 2020: Re-Engineering Africa’s Future

Ventures Africa: Urbanisation, Africa’s Biggest Future Opportunity

CNBC Africa: Post-COVID-19: How to build solutions for locally led entrepreneurship initiatives

TRUE Africa: Why You Should Attend This Online Summit

The New Times: When local heroes join a country to combat a health threat

The Nation: Innovate: The Case for Local Leadership in the Face of COVID-19

EdWell: 65 Foundations & Investors Who Fund Education Ventures in Africa

CNBC Africa: How start-up companies are navigating the COVID-19 environment

TwentyThirty: What Leadership of the Future Could Look Like


KTN News Kenya: Segal Family Foundation on building an equitable community of visionary organizations

What Donors Want podcast: What Grantees Want

The New Times: Rwandan startups tipped on innovation

CNBC: Segal Family Foundation launches innovation incubator to nurture Africa’s young inventors

Skoll: Balancing Power Dynamics in Philanthropy

Devex: How funders are fighting philanthropy that is ‘top down, closed door, expert driven’ (mention)

Devex: Local entrepreneurs on funding access: ‘The system is broken’ (mention)

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Three Ways to Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Philanthropy (mention)


What Donors Want podcast: A Conversation with Andy Bryant, Segal Family Foundation (read transcript here)

The Council on Foundations & Foundation Center: “The State of Global Giving by U.S. Foundations: 2011-2015.” (page 30)

National Center for Family Philanthropy: How Segal Family Foundation is Deepening Impact with Grantees through Scalable Technology Platforms

Forbes: Four Lessons From an Accidental Philanthropist on Running an Impactful Foundation


Zodiak Malawi: 21st Century Generation with Martin Segal

Huffington Post: Rays of Sunshine: A Sustainable Social Enterprise featuring The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project and Musana Community Development Organisation

Huffington Post: Partnership Is More Than a Buzzword featuring GlobeMed, Komera, and Young 1ove

Huffington Post: The African Visionary Fellowship: Why We Built It & Why You Should Support It

How Matters: Avoiding the Black Hole: What happens when funders focus less on themselves and more on grantees

Huffington Post: Social Impact Incubator: Disrupting the Status Quo in Malawi featuring Tingathe

Huffington Post: The Key to Securing Self-Sufficient Futures for Street Kids featuring Pepo La Tumaini and Jitegemee

Huffington Post: Imagining a World with No Gender Gap featuring Parc des Jeunes Entrepreneurs and Women in Technology in Uganda

Huffington Post: At the Forefront of Their Own Change featuring FVS-AMADE Burundi and Spark MicroGrants

Huffington Post: How Community-Led Models Can Lead to Scalable Solutions featuring Lwala Community Alliance and Building Tomorrow

Huffington Post: Can Adolescent Health Education Support Marine Conservation? featuring Blue Ventures and Projet Jeune Leader

Huffington Post: Health for All at the Epicenter of the Global Mortality Crisis featuring Hope Through Health and Muso

Huffington Post: Champions of Social Change featuring Kabubbu Development Project and Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project

Huffington Post: “I Never Imagined Using Dance To Reach Street Kids” featuring MindLeaps and Jitegemee

Huffington Post: Top 6 Ways to Join an African Rising featuring The African SOUP

Huffington Post: How to Survive Climate Change in Rural Uganda featuring Komera and Village Enterprise


Huffington Post: The Power of Collaboration: Lighting Up Rural Schools in Kenya featuring We Care Solar

Huffington Post: Passionate About Potential featuring Village Enterprise

Huffington Post: Paying It Forward in Tanzania featuring AfricAid

Huffington Post: How Do You Help Girls Make Healthy Reproductive Decisions? Engage The Parents featuring Organic Health Response and Moving the Goalposts

Huffington Post: A Good Connection: Girls’ Schools in East Africa Collaborate for Computer Lab Access featuring WISER and SEGA Girls School

Huffington Post: A Soap Opera for Change featuring Population Media Center

Huffington Post: Sustainability and Active Participation: At the Heart of Improving Lives featuring Dandelion Africa and Rafiki wa Maendeleo Trust

Huffington Post: Designing Mother-Centered Solutions in Uganda: A Maternal Health Network for Vulnerable Women featuring S.O.U.L Foundation

Huffington Post: Success: The Transforming Power of Belief in Yourself featuring Livelyhoods

Huffington Post: Beyond Vertical Solutions: Partnering for Transformational Impact featuring Lwala Community Alliance and Village Enterprise

Huffington Post: Why Communities in East Africa Need To Be Drivers of Their Own Change featuring Spark MicroGrants

Huffington Post: Breaking Down Barriers in Sexual and Reproductive Health Reporting in Africa featuring Reach a Hand Uganda

article2016Huffington Post: Technology in Classrooms Benefit Those Who Need It Most featuring Lwala Community Alliance, Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project, Rafiki wa Maendeleo Trust, and Jifundishe.

Huffington Post: Recipe for Fighting Malnutrition: One Pot, One Hour, Four Colors featuring FVS-AMADE and Gardens for Health International.

Huffington Post: Small and Growing Businesses: Unique as the Stripes on a Zebra featuring Anza and African Entrepreneur Collective

Huffington Post: Giving Patients a Chance in Rural Uganda featuring Soft Power Health

Huffington Post: A Duty to Help One Another featuring Kitovu Mobile

Huffington Post: When Your Fate Is Decided by the Results of One Exam featuring Jifundishe



Huffington Post: Building a University Program in a Refugee Camp featuring Kepler

Huffington Post: What It Takes to Launch a Program in a Post-War Region featuring Educate!

Huffington Post: EmPOWERing a Nation Through an Energy Crisis featuring Shared Value Africa

Huffington Post: The Positive, Creative Power That Emerges When Ideas Are Shared featuring Rafiki wa Maendoleo Trust, Lwala Community Alliance, and Organic Health Response

Huffington Post: The Secret of Mali’s Ebola Response Success, and How It Could Transform Child Health featuring Muso

Huffington Post: The Only Road Out of Africa featuring The African SOUP

Huffington Post: What We Can Learn From Women Living in the “Saddest” Country on Earth featuring Hope Through Health

New Vision: Ugandan activist wins international award featuring ACODEV

Huffington Post: Building Resilience in Tanzanian Secondary School Girls featuring AfricAid

Huffington Post: More than the Power of Hope: Leaders with Persistence, Passion and Partnerships

Applause Africa: Segal Family Foundation Partners with Outstanding Organizations

Face2Face Africa: Segal Family Foundation Honors Leaders in African Development at Annual Meeting

Huffington Post: Start-Up Hubs Multiply in East Africa featuring Tugende and AFRIpads

Huffington Post: Let’s Have “The Talk”: African Youth Are Not Shying Away From Sex featuring Reach a Hand Uganda

Clinton Global Initiative: Segal Family Foundation: Redefining Efficient and Effective Philanthropy



Huffington Post: The Season of Giving Back featuring Powering Potential

Huffington Post: Co-Education: A Holistic Approach to Human Rights featuring Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania (IEFT)

Huffington Post: HIV Positive: Voiceless and Empowered featuring Africa HEART

Huffington Post: Can a Toilet Eliminate Sexual Violence and Protect a Girl’s Education? featuring Global Grassroots

Huffington Post: Caroline Can’t Wait featuring Sanergy

Huffington Post: Communication Across Continents

Huffington Post: Life-Changing Mini-Marts in Northern Kenya featuring The BOMA Project

Huffington Post: The HeartString: Counting Where it Matters for Maternal Health featuring Mother Health International

Huffington Post: Small NGOs Are the Core of Systemic Change featuring Education For All Children

Huffington Post: Heirloom Health Care for the Poor featuring Lwala Community Alliance

Huffington Post: A Little Less Talk

Huffington Post: African Women Entrepreneurs Leading the Way in Fueling Africa’s Economic Growth featuring Village Enterprise

Huffington Post: How Quarters Led to Clean, Safe Drinking Water in Uganda featuring ChangeALife Uganda

Huffington Post: Building a Community of Creative Collaborators

Huffington Post: Wiggle Room: Making a Case for NGO Partnerships featuring Kenya Education Fund

Huffington Post: The African Youth Movement for Social and Economic Prosperity featuring Angel’s Hub

Huffington Post: Social Impact Incubator Promotes Local Innovation in Burundi

Huffington Post: Reclaiming Philanthropy: Wisdom from Africa’s Philanthropists

Huffington Post: A Challenge to the African Philanthropists: Learn from our Mistakes

Huffington Post: Africa’s Youth: The Future to a Transformed Continent



Huffington Post: Family Planning: 3 Barriers Only Woman Understand

Huffington Post: Women’s Healthcare in Africa – An Urgent Monthly Need

Huffington Post: Barry Segal: Making a Difference in Africa

Forbes: Scandal, Spice & Sex(ed): How a Soap Opera May Change the Fortunes of One Impoverished African Country

Forbes: The Case for Place-based Innovation

Fox News: Radio soap opera used to promote sex ed

Stanford Social Innovation Review: How one group of funders gets the most for the poverty-fighting buck

Sahara Reporters: Bill Clinton Addresses Foundation’s Work In Aiding Africa

PRweb: President Clinton to Deliver Key Note Speech at Segal Family Foundation Annual Meeting

PRweb: Segal Family Foundation Announces Major New Commitment In Burundi At Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting Investing in Women and Igniting Economic Development in Burundi

YouTube: Uganda Minister of Health Presents Health Outreach Award at Segal Family Foundation Ceremony Kampala, Uganda

New Vision: US foundation injects sh20bn for health support Born in Burundi, This Angel of Africa Built A Village And Saved Thousands of Children US group aims to boost Burundi family planning via soap opera

Newsweek: Social Change Through Soap Operas


Wall Street Journal: Support for Teenagers In a Village in Rwanda

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