Project Description

Védaste Nkeshimana is a Burundian Jesuit priest who is passionate about community empowerment. He has widened his cultural horizons from Rwanda where he started his Jesuit journey, to Zimbabwe where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and humanity, and later in France where he obtained a bachelor’s degree of theology. The realization of his dream of poverty alleviation began in 2018 when he was selected as the executive director of Service Yezu Mwiza.

He started exercising his skills in project management to support over 1,000 people living with HIV/AIDS and prevent the spread of infectious diseases which often affect the less advantaged. Under his leadership, Service Yezu Mwiza has optimized its mobile clinic to approach health facilities to needy persons and was awarded a certificate of merit by the Ministry of Health and the Fight against HIV/AIDS in Burundi in 2019.

Service Yezu Mwiza