Project Description

Christelle Kwizera is a social entrepreneur and long-term activist involved in initiatives around water, environmental, and youth issues. She graduated magna cum laude from Oklahoma Christian University with a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering in 2015. A year before, she founded Water Access Rwanda to address issues of water scarcity and youth unemployment in Rwanda.

In 2019, Christelle was named Foundation Channel’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. She is a Resolution fellow, a Rainer Arnhold Fellow, a Sierra Club GPEP fellow, a MILEAD fellow, and a Princess Diana awardee, all on account of her leadership in addressing social issues. She was awarded the Cisco Youth Leadership Award by Global Citizen in 2020 and came in third place at the inaugural Africa Business Heroes awards by Jack Ma.

Under Christelle’s management, Water Access Rwanda has become a powerhouse of solutions that deliver safe tap water to everyone, everywhere.

Water Access Rwanda