Project Description

Butoto Bigiri Naum is CEO of UGEAFI, supporting rural communities in DRC towards well-being through education, health, and agriculture programs.

He did his university studies at the University of Kisangani, where he obtained his diploma in agronomical engineering. When he returned to his native village, he found that women were walking long distances (40km away) in search of food because of famine. As an agronomist, he immediately started researching improved seeds to solve the problems created by this famine. He trained 10 others to whom he gave bean and potato seeds, which subsequently produced in quantity and quality, thereby eradicating of famine in this part of the region.

This project gave him the idea to create UGEAFI as a resilience organization for communities. Subsequently, he decided to work in education, health, and education. The creation of the Isoko school complex in Minembwe has already succeeded in training nurses, agronomists, and veterinarians (1221 laureates in twelve years) who work in DRC and in neighboring countries. The seed bank produces 40,000 to 60,000 kilograms of potatoes and beans per year each season. Through UGEAFI’s health initiatives, 2,000 children are vaccinated, and doctors see 45 to 60 patients per day.