As part of Active Partnership, we offer a package of capacity-building services to help our grantees build more connected, robust, and well-structured organizations. Download the Active Partnership Service List.

Open Resources

Open Resources are available to all our partners every grant cycle. Partners interested in accessing Open Resources should contact the SFF team.

fundsforNGOs Membership

Access a searchable donor database, training videos, live webinars, sample proposals, and more through a fundsforNGOs premium membership. Free to SFF partners.

Pro-Bono Consulting – Catchafire

List an unlimited number of projects with Catchafire and be connected to skills-based volunteers for needs like database customization, website design, marketing strategy, and more. Free to SFF partners.

Pro Bono Legal Assistance – TrustLaw

TrustLaw connects the world’s leading legal teams with organizations working for social and environmental change. Access is free to SFF partners but subject to TrustLaw’s eligibility criteria.

$500 Credit for Communications & Marketing

Apply for a $500 credit per grant period to be used toward improving your organization’s website, branding, or communications materials.

$500 Credit for Learning Visits

Apply for a $500 credit per grant period to visit the fellow SFF partner of your choice.

$500 Credit for Organizational Development

Apply for a $500 credit per grant period for the training courses or conference attendance of your choice.

Service Provider Database

Access a list of service providers compiled by the SFF community.

Country Workshops

SFF periodically offers themed capacity-building workshops in countries where we have large groups of partners. Make sure to keep an eye out for invitations to these events through the Partner Portal.

Partner Portal


Access the Partner Portal

Submit reports, share resources, and collaborate.