Knowledge System Support

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Knowledge System Support

Apply for a grant to be used toward creating or improving your organization’s monitoring and evaluation systems, including indicator frameworks, data collection, data analysis, or database systems. SFF will cover up to $10,000 of the cost of such a project. Segal is looking to fund KSS projects that will prove catalytic to your organization’s ability to measure and track your impact. We expect KSS projects to create significant improvements and take your M&E to the ‘next level.’ KSS is not available to partners who have previously been selected for KSS or Targeted Capacity Support, who have budgets over $1 million or are African Visionary Fellows.

Examples of strong KSS applications:

  • Hiring an M&E expert to help your organization create an indicator framework, create and/or improve your data collection tools, and help you pilot these new tools.
  • Hiring a database expert to create a customized database for storing and analyzing M&E data from your existing M&E system, including training your staff and follow-up to ensure viability.
  • Conducting an impact assessment of your work from an outside consultant.

Examples of likely-to-be-rejected KSS applications:

  • Creation of a database when the organization doesn’t yet have an existing M&E system or has yet to fully define the data they want to track.
  • Sending staff to an existing, generic M&E training.
  • One-off engagement of an M&E consultant that doesn’t include follow-up support or is unlikely to create a significant change in the organization’s impact measurement.

Due to our limited resources, SFF will only approve 8-10 KSS grants per year. KSS applications will only be considered once per year. All applications for KSS grants will be due by June 15th of each year. Decisions will be made and communicated in July.

Please submit this application form to to be considered for a KSS grant by COB September 15th.