Murendi's Potrait

Murendeni Mafumo

A seasoned water scientist with 14 years of experience in the water and sanitation sector, Murendeni pioneered a mobile solar-powered treatment system that uses macadamia nut shells and nanofibers to transform water access for over 50 communities across Southern Africa. In Murendeni’s eyes, Kusini Water is more than just a business: his relentless dedication to the cause has earned him recognition as a 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow, 2022 Ashoka Fellow, and a feature in the children’s book ‘Inventors, Bright Minds, and Other Science Heroes of South Africa’ for his groundbreaking work in water filtration. His academic journey saw him mastering chemistry at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and delving deeper into water treatment technology at the University of Cape Town, after which he played a pivotal role in developing systems to sustainably manage water resources.