An illustrated portrait of Jennifer Mwikali Katiwa

Jennifer Mwikali Katiwa

Jennifer Katiwa is the country director for Jitegemee, an organization that offers support in vocational skill training, entrepreneurial training for parents, and school support through providing school fees, textbooks, shoes, and school uniforms to children and youth from vulnerable backgrounds in Machakos County, Kenya. Jennifer believes that children from poor backgrounds have the potential to contribute to the economic development of a country if only they are provided with quality education and entrepreneurial skills as their peers from wealthy families.

Jennifer has a wealth of experience in education and humanitarian work both as a secondary school teacher and as an education manager. She previously worked as an education officer with Windle International in Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya, which supports primary, secondary, and tertiary education and is funded by UNHCR and UNICEF among other donors.

She is a bachelor of science graduate from the University of Nairobi. She has a postgraduate diploma in education (biology and chemistry) from Egerton University. She is currently enrolled in a master’s program in educational administration and planning.