An illustrated portrait of Jedidah Maina

Jedidah Maina

Jedidah Maina holds a Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree (Economics and Sociology) from the University of Nairobi. She has over eight years of experience as an activist, researcher, program manager, and organizer concerning sexual and reproductive health and rights. Jedidah joined Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH) in 2007 as the Sexuality Program Officer. She manages the “Our Bodies, Our Choices”, a program that provides safe spaces to learn about our bodies, discuss our sexual experiences, become better communicators, design educational materials, heal from abuse, and advocate for changes in attitudes policies, programs, and power relationships. Her work includes developing the program, educational materials, and training in communities on reproductive health choices. Before joining TICAH, Jedidah worked for Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF) where she championed the enactment and the implementation of the Sexual Offences Act.