An illustrated portrait of Isabelle Kamariza

Isabelle Kamariza

Isabelle Kamariza is a successful social entrepreneur and dynamic problem solver. Upon realizing that food was not offered as part of a patient’s medical stay and the poorest patients were likely to go without eating in Rwandan hospitals, Isabelle was inspired to start fundraising in order to increase the number of patients she could feed. She founded Solid’Africa in 2010 to help vulnerable patients in public hospitals. Through five programs, the organization provides food, hygienic products, and other services with the goal to accelerate the patient recovery process, preserve patients’ dignity, and promote equity.

In 2011, Isabelle was the recipient of the Young African Women Leaders Forum Award by Michelle Obama. In 2013, Isabelle was again recognized for her work when she was awarded a Celebrating Young Rwandan Achievers award by the Imbuto Foundation, the organization of the Rwandan First Lady. In November 2014, Isabelle’s story was featured on CNN African Voices. In 2018, Isabelle was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II as the 55th Point of Light Awardee. She is also a 2019 Aspen New Voices Fellow and a One Young World Ambassador. Isabelle was the winner of the Forbes Woman Africa Social Impact Award in 2021.