Doris's portrait

Doris Mollel

Driven by her own miraculous survival as a premature infant weighing only 900 grams, Doris Mollel raises awareness and advocates for the needs of premature babies. Founder and Executive Director of the Doris Mollel Foundation since 2015, she has campaigned for essential equipment in hospitals, conducted awareness campaigns, and provided training to healthcare workers. Her advocacy has influenced government policies, including extended parental leave for parents with preterm babies, and addressed prematurity as a priority in the East African Legislative Assembly. She is leading efforts to include World Prematurity Day in the United Nations Calendar, so that the voices of preterm infants and their families are heard on a global scale. Through the foundation’s efforts, Doris has celebrated the saving of over 17,500 premature babies. Doris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and Management of Social Development, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management of Foreign Relations, and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management.

Doris Mollel Foundation