An illustrated portrait of Delphine Uwamahoro

Delphine Uwamahoro

Delphine Uwamahoro is a social entrepreneur, global health professional, creative designer, and an advocate for children and women. After finishing her studies, she went back to work in her home village in Rwanda’s Gakenke district; there, she realized that her primary school peers who didn’t get an opportunity to pursue their further studies were threatened by social economic challenges and had difficulty meeting basic needs for themselves and their children. And this was a common challenge for many families in the area. So she founded Our Sisters’ Opportunity (OSO) with a vision to end poverty in her community through education as well as promotion of innovative and entrepreneurial local solutions. OSO seeks to help vulnerable girls and women achieve economic empowerment through vocational training and sustainable employment in the fields of ethical fashion and agribusiness; OSO also seeks to eliminate all forms of gender-based violence in the community. Delphine strongly believes that if girls and women have opportunities to thrive, they can improve the welfare of their families and communities at large.

Prior to founding OSO, Delphine was the country director at TIP Global Health. She also led partnerships and digital health businesses for Allm, a digital health company based in Japan. Delphine is a radiology technologist by qualification, a Perennial Fellow, Skoll World Forum Fellow by Johnson and Johnson, SFF Social Innovation Incubator Fellow, a Collaborative Learning Fellow, and an award-winning fashion designer. She loves traveling, music, and tie-dye creative sessions.