An illustrated portrait of Armand Ijimbere

Armand Ijimbere

Armand is the founder and executive director of Nacham Africa, a Burundian organization striving to ensure dignity for the most vulnerable patients in public hospitals while empowering them for socioeconomic fulfillment after discharge. After living in Uganda for several years, Armand started Nacham Africa following a vacation at home in Burundi where he visited a hospital and witnessed the misery and distress of the most vulnerable patients. It was an unprecedented moment that marked his life and ignited his passion to advocate for the most vulnerable people.

Armand has a bachelor’s degree in development studies and is skilled at fostering strategic partnerships for the development and organizational growth. In recognition of the impact of his work, Armand was nominated for the Real Life Hero 2020 award by UN OCHA Burundi and also received the 2019 Eastern and Southern Africa Volunteer Award from the United Nations Regional Office.

As hobbies, he enjoys reading books, swimming, and traveling.