An illustrated portrait of Aaron Kirunda

Aaron Kirunda

Aaron Kirunda is the founder and CEO of enjuba, a catalytic children’s education organization focused on improving literacy and executive function skills. Through programs like spelling bees and reading days, enjuba seeks to create a spark and excitement to make learning fun. They also support library development in various schools and publish culturally appropriate storybooks that help children see themselves; over 500,000 books have been distributed. Working with 1,500 schools across Uganda, enjuba provides early childhood development programs that focus on access to quality education, teacher training, and accreditation. Thus far, over 10,000 teachers have been trained and over 1.5 million children have benefited.

Aaron is a graduate of the London School of Economics, a fellow of MIT’s Global Startup Workshop, LSE’s Programme for African Leadership, and an Acumen Fellow. He is the winner of a Ugandan digital inclusion award and was named one of the 40 people under age 40 who are making a difference in Uganda. In his free time, Aaron loves to travel and to connect with people.