One of Segal Family Foundation’s primary goals and values is to build community. Our objective in bringing people together from across sectors and countries is to celebrate each other’s work and inspire one another to new heights of positive change in the communities we serve. We are also dedicated to fighting for fairness. Communities mirror the societies in which they exist, and positive action is essential to counteract the many forms of inequality and abuses of power that exist in those societies today. We recognize that there are power imbalances among us, but we refuse to accept that they are unchangeable. Rather, we commit to creating a community and a world where we can all stand as equals. We celebrate diversity in all its forms and expect all members of our community to contribute to an environment that is free of harassment.

The Rules

The list of characteristics we choose to celebrate rather than disparage includes (but is not limited to) gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, and religion.

The following behaviors are expected of all community members at SFF events:

  • Participate in an active and thoughtful way. In doing so, you contribute to the health and longevity of this community.
  • Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions.
  • Alert the SFF Team if you notice a dangerous situation, someone in distress, or violations of this Code of Conduct, even if they seem inconsequential.
  • Remember that event venues may be shared with members of the public; please be respectful to all patrons of these locations.

These behaviors are unacceptable within our community:

  • Violence, threats of violence, or violent language directed against another person.
  • Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or otherwise discriminatory jokes and language.
  • Unwelcome sexual attention. This includes sexualized comments or jokes as well as inappropriate touching, groping, and unwelcome sexual advances.
  • Personal insults, particularly those related to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, or religion.
  • Sustained disruption of community events, including talks and presentations.
  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior(s).

We expect participants to follow these rules at all event venues, event-related social activities, and on our online platforms. We think people should follow these rules outside of SFF-related activities, too!

Reporting & Consequences

Our Community Code of Conduct exists to articulate a broad philosophy and to describe a set of behaviors that are acceptable and consistent with SFF’s values as well as those behaviors that are unacceptable, ugly, and unwanted. The Code is not an exhaustive list of every possible Do and Don’t; if you aren’t sure if something is in line with the SFF spirit, ask a member of our team. If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of the SFF Team immediately. On the other hand, if you see someone who is making an extra effort to ensure our community is welcoming, friendly, and encourages all participants to contribute to the fullest extent, we want to know about that too!

If a community member engages in unacceptable behavior, the SFF Team may take any action they deem appropriate, up to and including a temporary ban or permanent expulsion from the event or community without warning.

Code of Conduct violations reduce the value of our events for everyone. People like you make our community – and our world! – a better place. We want you to be happy and comfortable while you’re with us. Please join us in ensuring that we are all upholding the highest standards of mutual respect during our time together.

Feedback & Attribution

The Segal Family Foundation Community Code of Conduct is a living document, and all feedback is welcome. Please email

This Code of Conduct is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Portions of text derived from the Citizen Code of Conduct, the Django Code of Conduct, and the Geek Feminism Anti-Harassment Policy.