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Segal Family Foundation partners with outstanding organizations improving the well-being of communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our vision is that every Sub-Saharan African grows up with access to quality education and health services, the protection of their reproductive rights, and the opportunity to contribute to a productive society.

We are building a community of creative collaborators. We bring together visionary grassroots organizations, progressive donors, and collaborative intentional NGOs to implement, refine, and scale development solutions that are effective and locally appropriate.


After 40 years as the CEO and founder of the roofing materials company Bradco Supply, Barry Segal wanted to do something new. He retired from his successful business career and began exploring philanthropic opportunities.

Barry attended the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in 2006 and became excited about the opportunities available to do good. President Clinton encouraged Barry to narrow his focus in order to be most effective and influential with his funding.

Shortly afterwards, Barry traveled to Africa for the first time, visiting Rwanda in 2007. During the trip, he made a few key observations, which continue to guide the work of SFF:

  • He saw really talented people who lacked opportunities. He wanted to give opportunities and appropriate resources to people in rural Africa, allowing them to change their communities for the better.
  • He observed that many organizations in Africa are working to solve similar problems with little collaboration. He believed he could make an impact by investing in grassroots organizations run by talented leaders and by encouraging organizations to work together.

Segal Family Foundation began to support community-based organizations with the localized knowledge needed to create sustainable change in their communities. Over the years, SFF has built a small, professional team based in the U.S. and Africa, involved a smart board of directors, and now supports over 200 partners across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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