Our Focus

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We support organizations cultivating healthy, productive, and empathetic youth. Our partners advance adolescent sexual and reproductive health, improve access to quality education, and increase youth employment.

Priority Areas


Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health

We seek to empower young people with comprehensive information and access to a full range of reproductive health services to build and support strong, healthy families in which every child is wanted and cared for as a human right.

Adolescents are vulnerable to early marriage, early and unwanted pregnancies, STIs including HIV/AIDS, and sexual violence if they do not have the ASRH knowledge and access to resources. We aim to:

  • Increase access to contraception through better distribution, tailored youth-friendly services, diverse contraceptive options, reliable supply chains and integrated family planning into other health services.
  • Increase demand to meet the need for ASRH services, contraceptives and family planning education.
  • Eliminate unsafe abortions by increasing access to safe and legal abortions and improve post-abortion care.


Productive Youth

Our goal is to help disadvantaged and high-achieving secondary and tertiary-aged youth become healthy, productive, and empathetic young adults.

Over eleven million youth are expected to enter Africa’s labor market every year for the next decade, according to the World Bank. This demographic bulge will lead to incredible changes across the continent—positive or destructive depending on how they are nurtured along the way. We aim to:

  • Increase quality secondary and tertiary education to girls and boys by supporting sponsorship programs, formal educational institutions, and career opportunities.
  • Address the gap between school and the workforce by supporting organizations that focus on life skills, career development, informal and vocational trainings, mentorship, and social entrepreneurship programs.

Geographic Focus

Segal Family Foundation supports organizations working in over 20 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. While the vast majority of our partners are in East Africa where we have built a team, we also support exemplary organizations in West Africa and Southern Africa.

Featured Partners