Grant Seekers

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We support a wide range of organizations. If you are interested in joining SFF’s family of partners, please review “Our Focus” to see if you share our priority areas and geographic focus. Carefully consider the following before applying:

Stage of Maturity

Organizations that are more likely to be considered for a grant…

  • Have a clearly articulated theory of change and strategy to achieve it.
  • Are registered with the local or national government as a nonprofit organization. We do not provide start-up funding for the creation of new organizations.
  • Have paid staff and a board of directors or advisory committee.
  • Demonstrate at least two years of operations, successful fundraising to support such operations, and the ambition to grow.
  • Have an annual budget ranging between $50,000-$500,000.


Organizations that are more likely to be considered for a grant…

  • Have local voices informing their strategy and vision.
  • Fit within our priority areas.
  • Share our progressive sexual and reproductive health policy and practice.
  • Have been referred by a current Segal Family Foundation grantee partner or team member.


Organizations that are more likely to be considered for a grant…

  • Operate in a country where SFF currently has several other grantee partners.
  • Operate in a country that is not currently involved in armed conflict.
  • Operate in countries where we are actively growing our portfolio: Tanzania, Burundi, and Malawi. We are not currently accepting applications from organizations working in Kenya or Uganda.

Grant Guidelines

  • We determine a grant’s size based on the context of the organization. First-time grants typically range from $10,000-$30,000.
  • Most grant commitments last 12 months. Grants are capped at $100,000 a year per partner.
  • Funding restrictions: Our support is generally capped at 20%-30% of an established organization’s budget. We want to be an influential support while ensuring our partners have diverse donor networks.
  • Milestones: We create mutually agreed upon milestones with our new and existing partners with each new grant. Milestones give our partners clear, measurable goals, and allow us to better follow progress and understand how partners operate.


  • Please click “Apply” below to apply through our online application. We will only evaluate grant inquiries that have been sent via this method. You will be required to set up a username and password.
  • Applications must be submitted in English.

Upon receipt of your application, the SFF team will review your submission. Our applications are rolling, and generally you can expect to receive preliminary feedback within one to two months. We will most likely require a site visit before any final decision of funding.


Please be patient with us. We are a small team with a large mandate. Expect the due diligence process to take several months.

Please contact for any grant or application-related inquiries.